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About Us.

Founded in 1930, our long reign withstands the test of time as it is dubbed the nation’s most popular curry rice till today. We take pride in our signature curry gravy, a unique blend of 15 handpicked spices, fresh coconut and soya sauce, delivering a smooth blend of rich spices with subtle notes of sweetness. Soft rice coupled with our large spread of traditional side dishes, is served in a generous glaze of curry. A recipe that has been passed down through three generations, our curry promises a comforting embrace with every bite.

Home to us is the tradition of using metal scissors to cut food into pieces. Each cut gives off an audible “shick” sound that echoes through the streets of Jalan Besar, giving rise to our iconic name. Scissors cut serves as a reminder of simpler times and nostalgia, with loyal customers who have grown with us as we continue to attract customers from different backgrounds.

 Freshly Prepared Daily

What distinguishes scissors cut from other curry rice stalls that has emerged over the years, is the freshness of our food. At Scissors Cut, we produce our own coconut cream from quality coconut sourced from Malaysia. Ingredients are shipped in daily and then utilised on the same day to guarantee freshness.

Signature Singapore Curry

Our delectable pork cutlets are marinated, fried and served on the day we receive them. Scissors Cut’s signature curry is prepared daily in three big batches – morning, afternoon, evening – to ensure that patrons, at any time, experience freshly made curry. Scissors Cut would not be where we are today without our loyal customers who have grown alongside us throughout the years. We hope Scissors Cut’s legacy lives on as we continue to share the uniqueness of our food and traditions, in which many people of different generations and backgrounds are so fond of.

Our Products.

Pork Cutlet Curry Rice

Freshly fried pork cutlet, paired with a fried egg, stewed white cabbage and our signature curry and dark soya sauce. 

Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice

Freshly fried chicken cutlet, paired with a fried egg, stewed white cabbage and our signature curry and dark soya sauce.

Chicken Wing Curry Rice

Chicken wings cooked in the same curry mix, paired with a fried egg, stewed white cabbage and our signature curry and dark soya sauce. 

Braised Pork Curry Rice

Braised pork belly in dark soya sauce, paired with a fried egg, stewed white cabbage and our signature curry and dark soya sauce.

Scissors cuts offers an array of traditional as well as fusion asian dishes. Choose your favourites from pork chop, chicken chop, braised pork belly, fried long beans and more.

Customer Reviews

“Simply Heavenly

“Been eating here for ages. The ngoh hiang, braised pork and curry chicken wings accompanied with the white rice drenched with curry sauce.. simply heavenly”


“Singapore’s Curry”

“Indian, Thai, Japanese, Malay, they all have their curries. I really believe this is Singapore curry. It’s an amalgamation of those gigantic staples of flavor into one.”


“+100 wow factor”

“Pork chop very crispy and braised pork super tender. Many outlets around Singapore but the best pork is here. +100 wow factor, love it!”


“Hardly anything like it”

“The rice drenched in a mix of savoury and spicy sauces is madly delicious and packed full of flavours. There’s hardly anything like it elsewhere.”


Features & Recognitions

The curry smells richly spiced and flavoured but contrary to its smell and appearance, it is pretty light. And pairs fantastic with the braised pork sauce.”


“We were also impressed by how consistent they were with their instantaneous ingredient and sauce top-ups whenever a specific item (or sauce) begins to run low. So regardless of how late you arrive, you can always be certain that your favourite items are always available.”


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229 Jln Besar, Singapore 208905

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(+65) 9826 1464

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